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Spartan Fitness & Athletics LLC is a fitness, health and athletic training company here in beautiful Albany, NY offering clients personalized programs for overall health and fitness.

Our programs offer studio, home, office and gym based routines which include focus on exercise, diet and lifestyle for individuals with varying fitness goals. Whether your goals are focused on losing weight, training for a specific event, or just practicing a healthier lifestyle, Spartan can help you!

Spartan Fitness & Athletics is a privately-owned company whose main focus is providing excellent service to its clients. Every person who signs up for one of our programs can be guaranteed the personal touch and attention that a lot of the larger, corporate gyms can't offer. Not everyone has the same goals in mind when it comes to personal fitness. This is why we so strongly believe in specialized programs for each individual that comes to join us.

Fitness is fun! Here at Spartan, we're ready to help you not only achieve your personal goals, but to have a great time doing it too!

Personalized Fitness Programs
Personalized Fitness Programs
Athletic Training Programs
Athletic Training Programs
Boot Camps
Boot Camps
Group Sessions
Group Sessions
In our Studio or your Home or Office
In Our Studio or Your Home or Office
Customized Health, Fitness & Athletic Training Solutions

About Spartan

Spartan Fitness & Athletics (SFA) is a fitness and sports training company specializing in customized personal training. Its founder, Quan Liddell, works with people of all ages and fitness levels to help them achieve goals in fitness, strength, and agility.

Here at SFA, we approach fitness training under the guiding principle of helping clients achieve their goals by removing obstacles. This is why we offer training programs that are designed to work with your schedule (early mornings, late nights or in between) at our studio here in Albany, NY. We happily offer personal one-on-one training and specialized group sessions.

We believe in the importance of teamwork at SFA, which is why we proudly offer summer boot camp classes right here in downtown Albany. These classes are a great way to enjoy fitness and fresh air while making personal connections with other health-minded people who will motivate you throughout the program. Additionally, we offer agility and fitness training for athletes to prepare you for the upcoming Pop Warner season or any other level of sport you’re interested in preparing for.

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HIIT Boot Camp
HIIT Bootcamp
HIIT Bootcamp

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